Are Physical Maps Dead?

I was recently at my local AAA renewing my car registration and noticed that they still have a whole section dedicated to physical maps. I didn’t even know that those were still used by travelers anymore! With advancements in this modern age of digital maps and navigation on phones, it seems like physical maps would be nestled in  history, along with typewriters, carburetors, subprime mortgages, and parachute pants.

I understand the need for maps on occasion; backpacking through the wilds of Australia, decoration in your study, and maybe trying to find your way around a theme park (but even theme parks have digital maps nowadays). But yet there they are, still being purchased by the stubborn traditionalists. By people who refuse to enjoy what technology has given to all of society. By those looking to make road trips a true challenge.

But then I saw this video, and it all makes sense now:

TCS has recently been featured in a recent Frost and Sullivan report! Our TCS Location-Based Application team creates great location products such a family locators and workforce locators that allows families and companies to keep track of their family and workers.

“TCS continues to expertly satisfy the MWM (Mobile Workforce Management) market’s need for a basic, affordable, quick-to-deploy worker locator solution. The app operates on almost every type of mobile device, making it easy for companies to keep employees safe and productive.” Frost & Sullivan, Dec 2013


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Gokivo for Android has many advanced features such as:

- Lane guidance so you know exactly what lane to be in when you need to enter or exit the freeway

- Gas price finder that finds the cheapest gas in your area

- Enhanced 3D cities that give Gokivo Nav a more intuitive experience

- Route Selector option that allows you to choose the best route for navigation.

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Don’t you Hate Traffic?

Growing up in Los Angeles and living in Orange County, it seems as though traffic is unavoidable. The 5, 10, 110, 101, 405, and 210 are some of the most congested freeways in the US. People trying to get from their homes to work, people driving to the beach, and people who don’t know how to drive are just a few of the reasons why it takes an hour to go 10 miles. But is there a way around all this traffic? Sure, there are alternate routes, but can how do you know if that alternate route will actually be faster than the route you are on?
With Gokivo, you can check traffic right from your phone to see which way is faster. You can know if you are better waiting for a few minutes to let the traffic die down, or if you should take a totally different route to get to your destination. Try it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Sports Teams by State

I’m a pretty big sports fan, so in tradition of continuing with interesting maps, here is a map of the US according to sport teams, according to me.

sport teams


Alabama Left-hand-turn-only auto racing
Alaska University of Alaska Ice Hockey
Arizona Suns
Arkansas Razerbacks
California Laker, 49ers
Colorado Broncos
Connecticut Lady Huskies
Delaware Ravens
Florida Dolphins
Georgia Bulldogs
Hawaii U of H Football
Idaho Boise State Football
Illinois Bears
Indiana Colts
Iowa University of Iowa hawkeyes
Kansas Jayhawks
Kentucky Wildcats
Louisiana New Orleans Saints
Maine University of Maine Ice Hockey
Maryland Ravens
Massachusetts Red Sox
Michigan Red Wings
Minnesota Vikings
Mississippi Mud Dogs
Missouri St Louis Cardinals
Montana Univeristy of Montana Grizzlies
Nebraska CornHuskers
Nevada Dodgers/Kings
New Hampshire Red Sox
New Jersey Devils
New Mexico Lobos basketball
New York Yankees/Knicks/Rangers/Bills
North Carolina UNC Tar Heels
North Dakota University of North Dakota Ice Hockey
Ohio Buckeyes
Oklahoma Sooners
Oregon Ducks
Pennsylvania Eagles
Rhode Island New England Patriots
South Carolina U of SC Football
South Dakota USD Coyotes
Tennessee Volunteers
Texas Cowboys
Utah BYU Football
Vermont Red Sox
Virginia Red Skins
Washington Mariners
West Virginia WV Football mountaineers
Wisconsin Packers
Wyoming Cowboys

Let’s face it, the era of the dedicated navigation device is over. Why would you buy a dedicated personal navigation device when you can do everything, and more, all from your mobile device? Couple that with the fact that is also costs less to do it from your phone, you have a clear winner in smart phones.


source: berg insight

Shipments in the US and Europe are down, along with revenue numbers for the big 3 PND manufacturers.

These PNDs used to be the gift to get. But with the introduction of advanced navigation applications on smart phones, they have been fading quietly into the background. Why carry two devices in your car when your mobile device can do it all. And for the most part, the feature set is even better on a mobile device; maps are always up-to-date, they have better search capabilities, and can even reroute you around traffic without a complicated and time-consuming recalculate period. Plus, with your mobile device, you can play music and make phone calls at the same time.

So when you are thinking about making your next navigation purchase, remember that you may already have all the power you need right there in your pocket. And if you have an iPhone, make sure to check out Gokivo Navigator! It’s one of the best navigation applications you can get for your phone.

I consider myself pretty diverse, but here is how I think us Californians see the rest of the US in terms of food. I had to admit, I had to check up on some of the flyover states to see what food they were known for (here’s looking at you, South Dakota). Check below for the actual list.

map of us

Alabama – Cornbread

Alaska – Alaskan King Crab

Arizona – Water (not because they are famous for it, but because why would you build a city in the middle of nowhere?)

Arkansas – Anything fried on a stick

California – In n Out

Colorado – Coors

Connecticut – Nutmeg

Delaware – Blue Crab

Florida – Tropicana

Georgia – Coca Cola

Hawaii – Dole Pineapple

Idaho – Potatoes

Illinois – Wrigley’s gum

Indiana – Fried tenderloin sandwich

Iowa – Corn

Kansas – KC Ribs

Kentucky –Kentucky Fried Chicken

Louisiana – Tobasco

Maine – Lobster

Maryland – Crabcakes

Massachusetts – Boston Cream Pie

Michigan – Cherry

Minnesota – Land o Lakes

Mississippi – Mud Pie

Missouri – Anheuser  Busch

Montana – Huckleberry

Nebraska – Kool aid

Nevada – Buffets

New Hampshire – Maple Syrup

New Jersey – White Castle

New Mexico – Chiles

New York – Pizza

North Carolina – Pepsi

North Dakota – Lutefisk

Ohio – Smucker’s

Oklahoma – Sonic Burger

Oregon – Tillamook Cheese

Pennsylvania –Hershey’s

Rhode Island – Clam bake

South Carolina – Sweet Tea

South Dakota – Fry Bread

Tennessee – Jack Daniel’s

Texas – Steaks

Utah – Jello

Vermont – Ben and Jerry’s

Virginia – Ham

Washington – Starbucks

West Virginia – Squirrel (They catch their own food there, right?)

Wisconsin – Cheese

Wyoming – Bison

Now you know where to go if you are craving some good maple syrup (New Hampshire) or a Mud Pie (Mississippi). If you do go on that road trip, make sure to use Gokivo Navigator to get there, it will make it a whole lot easier!


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